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The Al Davis Memorial Golf Tournament to Support Research on Vampire AIDS

The author forgets one additional fact. He also declared after the onside kick recovery that he would take us all out to dinner if we won. However, when the check came for dinner, our author realized that he had forgotten his wallet. So we ended up flipping the bill for him.


He also forgets the broken? cracked? arm suffered by a certain overzealous field-rusher....


"The rope broke and I fell about fifteen or twenty feet, landing flat on my back, cushioned by my backpack but breaking my arm."

I didn't forget.


Best football game I ever went to. Big Games when I was that young were a family affair. We sat high behind the south goalposts and got the traditional Memorial Stadium splinters in our rear ends. After the failed two-point conversion, my younger sister asked me why all the Cal fans were on the field and I told her because they had won. We were thrilled after the onside-kick at the mere prospect of a 54-yard field goal attempt. On the next play, we saw the penalty flag in the backfield, and assumed it would be holding. After the roughing call was announced, we couldn't believe it was going to be a plausible field goal attempt. As Hopkins split the uprights and the fans in red ran over the field, my dad and I jumped up and down in each others arms. We were oblivious to the fact that we were practically trampling my five-year-old brother. He was fine.


What a great game.

That was my first Big Game and I was amazed at the level of security pre-game (police in what can only be described as riot gear lining the field). I clearly recall the scene where the band was playing in the Stanford corner of the field, with their slung-frozen-fruit-projectile-protecting hard helmets on tight, when two or three Cal students jumped onto the field, briefly alluded the police and attempted to run through the band, presumably to attack the Tree. The brass section attacked said students who emerged several moments later, shirtless and bloodied only to be arrested by the security force - all before the game began.

What a rivalry. What a game.

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