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Nice article and a great blog here. Kudos to the creator!

I think this game will be competitive, and although Angry wouldn't give you a prediction I'll gladly do it.

Andrew Luck will have 65 yards rushing, with one touchdown on the ground. He'll also throw for about...225 yards 2 touchdowns, 1 interception Harbaugh is a smart coach and a good motivator. Expect to see a new wrinkle in your offense this game with designed QB runs because those, and anything with the word spread, pistol, or option, have made OSU look silly. Coach Mark Banker from Oregon State is an idiot, plain and simple. Stanford will probably run for about 2 touchdowns.

However, both coordinators seem to scheme well against pro-style offenses- and in the case of OC Danny Langsdorf, it appears the only time he wants to wake up. Still, if Stanford stuffs him early and often, he will fold like a bad hand. I do like our chances against Stanford on the ground (don't ask me why, it's just a feeling), and I expect Quiz to go ape**** for about 175 all purpose yards (about 150 on the ground, 25 receiving) with 1 touchdown on the ground, and 1 coming from a screen (which has finally come back to the offense). Ryan Katz, however, will have Jekyll/Hyde day. He'll throw for a lot of yards but he'll throw two costly picks when it matters most (when we're behind). I see about 275 yards, 2 tds, 2 picks.

In the end, I see this going to over time, but on a mind-numbing, head-scratching play by our defense, Stanford will keep its Rose Bowl hopes alive with a near escape.

And I will die on the inside.


Oh, the score? 28-21 Card

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