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I would like to hear more about who will be replacing Beeler,Phillips and Hall. My sense is that we have some outstanding guys who will step in and step up...the cupboard is full. I believe it will be like "replacing" Toby...new guys, same result.


It would be difficult to project a depth chart for next season, or even a starting lineup, simply because offensive linemen tend to be shuffled from one spot to another. All-American center Chase Beeler, for instance, was playing guard two years ago. The line spots aren't all the same, obviously, so in some cases the coaching staff will choose the most talented lineman, in others it will be the one who has the specific skill set desired for a certain spot. I don't think we'll know what to expect from the offensive line until spring ball gets going. The good news, though, is that we have talented coaches and talented, intelligent players. That's always a good recipe.


I agree there is no way to really project the starting lineup...but it's still fun to do it. So, how about LT Martin, LG Bentler, C DeCastro, RG Wilkes, RT Mabry? Also in the mix, Danser, Schwartzstein, Bonnell and Yankey. Seriously good talent, but obviously short of the current group's experience. I think our O line is going to be much better than B- next year. I say B+ to A-.


If our young talent can come in and perform at the level that Martin and DeCastro did as redshirt freshmen - or, alternatively, if our replacement talent can step in and perform as well as Hall - I think our O line should be fine.


I've posted this elsewhere before, but Matt Kopa, Chris Marinelli, Ben Muth, and Alex Fletcher were as talented or more so than Beeler, Hall, and Phillips. Each was replaced by a player who made all-conference that year. Beeler, Martin, and DeCastro are the only linemen who have spent their entire Stanford career in the Harbaugh system and all three of them made first-team all conference.

Stanford builds from the line out and the coaching is fantastic. They will be reloading the offensive line, not rebuilding.

The 2007 team was throwing Tyrone McGraw, Corey Gatewood, and Jason Evans out at running back and the offensive line was still a big difference between 1 win and 4.

In 2008, they allowed only 21 sacks with Tavita Pritchard under center (compare to 50 in '06 and 48 in '07) and given the talent on the rest of the offense might have already been the best line in the conference. We all know about '09 and '10.

There is no reason to believe that the offensive line, returning DeCastro and Martin and likely to average 6'5/300 again won't be the best in the conference. 2010 Outlook: A+

John O

We have been able to consistently replace offensive linemen the last couple seasons and not miss a beat. Granted, we have usually only needed to replace one, but lets also be real - Hall was the weakest of the O-Linemen, and DeCastro and Martin were the best. We have also recruited very well at the position, have redshirted basically all of our O-Line recruits and have tremendous line coaches. We will be solid next year.

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