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Last Trombone in Waldport

Er, when the Stanford game ended, did you catch the Oregon game? The speed of the Dux is scary, especially when a crushing win was administered by players coming off the bench.

First Huskies; but, beware of the Dux. I've never seen speed like that in the running game.

Andrew von etc.

biggest fear is undefeated and not playing for NC? really?
i think it is much more scary to think about losing one of our next six games, like to oregon or at sc - or worse, to notre dame. because those seem like more likely possibilities than the combination of going undefeated and not playing for the championship.

i mean, look, if one gets nervous after the first half against wazzou, that means you could imagine losing a game. each remaining game, beavers excepted, is going to be more nerve-wracking than these first 6.

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