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You've lost the mighty in your Go Mighty Card, man! The last few games haven't been as comfortable as the first part of the season, but let's remember, that was supposed to happen... Our first half schedule was weak, we're playing better teams. As it turns out, the Beavs and the Condoms were pretty good teams! Injuries have hurt us to be sure, but now is not the time to be cowering. Embrace the day, get your mind straight!

Patrick Watters

Good analysis once again, thanks.

From my standpoint, one word - SPEED! And for Stanford this year "speed kills"; lack of it on defense and too much of it from other team's offenses. USC and Oregon are examples of the latter and the former. And much as i hate to say it, look out for USC next season, but only if Matt Barkley comes back.


I'm pretty sure Alabama can't play in two bowls.


Stuart, you caught me. It just goes to show I shouldn't be posting things before the sun comes up. Book Michigan for the Sugar Bowl.


Cincinnati? How about Boise or Kansas State, which by the way is a tremendously fun team to watch: intriguing quarterback. Or Georgia. Very scary game Saturday, but hopefully we are up for the challenge. I think Ertz has been hugely missed.


Cincinnati should win the Big East, and by doing so they'd be guaranteed a BCS bid.

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