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Patrick Watters

Love this exchange guys!!! I'm a Stanford fan as my oldest son got his PhD there (and coincidentally helped out Gerhart with math when he was there.) But I'm also somewhat a Beavers fan, long story there, but my good friend from high school, Greg Little, owns Squirrel's Tavern in Corvallis (I even lived there myself for a year in junior high.) Appreciate your insights as students of the game I love so much, and I agree with you analyses on both teams and the outcome.

Mike G

Very nice post, Hank.

This game makes me a tad nervous. I know OSU is supposed to be crap, but our recent history in the state of Oregon, the let down from the USC win (when was the last time we won the game after winning @USC?) and Riley's ability to pull a rabit out of a hat. I hope there's no dram to this game after the 1st quarter.


ESPN only talks rematch to get a slice of the SEC market that CBS owns now. Who wants to watch another exchange of punts and missed FGs? -- like watching a 2-2 Euro-soccer match. Oregon put up 27 on LSU in the first game; Alabama couldn't. Give Oklahoma St. or Stanford a crack now. The Big Ten has gone soggy. The ACC and BigEast are already into basketball season. Maybe LSU loses one of their games down the stretch while both OkSt and Stanford win out -- who wouldn't want to see that barn burner ! Over / under would be 100. Bring it! LSU and Bama can play their rematch... in the Sugar Bowl, not the NatChamp. Laissez other teams rollez!

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