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Great interview, Hank, but you didn't ask the question that 9 out of 10 non-Stanford fans who troll the comments section of Kevin's blog are dying to know: "Why does Stanford have its own blog?"

Can't wait for Saturday.


actaully i would love to see boise state vs stanford or lsu or alabama or oregon, boise might be able o beat anyone. btw, i am nyduck form DSH, so you know Hank, and a duck fan obviously. Boise is sooo fundamentally sound, and tough tough!, digressing,,, lsu has criminals on its roster and plenty of them,, as do too many corrupt SEC teams, par for course over there,, So i really hope that lsu loses before its season end,, but if they are in NC than anyone to beat them,, and they are beatable,, as is alabama and the somewhat overrated SEC,, If stanford beats ducks ill be rooting for them to play boise in title game,, i must say howvere that i felt that the referees bad call on USC in pass play 3rd or was it 4th down with USC up 7 late 4th was the reason that stanford didnt lose and is even still undefeated,, i believ that USC is a better team by a nose, yes. water under the bridge now,, good luck.

mc '03

I was also wondering why ESPN created a dedicated Stanford football blog but figured it was all part of the Andrew Luck agenda ESPN's been pushing all season, from their preview coverage to their Magazine cover to their relentless focus on Andrew Luck ahead of important games. It's the good and bad of ESPN attention, I suppose - unprecedented coverage but also sacrificing coverage of everyone else to focus on just one star.

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