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Good piece. Too me the turning point was going for a 49 yard field goal, which leaves you two scores behind, instead of going for fourth and six -- in light of the missed extra point earlier. Had to be stupidest play call of the year. Keep the drive alive and who knows. As it turns out with the miss, they end up there anyway.


I'm with Ralph. When I saw the field goal unit for that 48 yarder, my thought was Stanford just conceded the game. That was nearly as shocking to me as Kelly going for it on 4th and 7.

I wouldn't play the "what if" game, as the cold, hard reality of injuries is hardly the domain of a single team. Oregon was marching to the NCG in '07 until Dennis Dixon tore his ACL in a game against Arizona. So, when you're playing "what if" consider what type of team Stanford would be with Luck on the sidelines.


Well, we saw that Luck-less team in the Sun Bowl a couple years back. Still pretty good, but not quite enough to beat the Sooners.


Thanks for an evenheaded look at the game! I feel better having read it.

One interesting thing to note is Delano Howell exiting the game midway through the second quarter, the impact of that. The other interesting thing is Stepfan Taylor's heroic efforts to win this game. He was totally on it.


i just reposted my reply to your piece,, becuase i wasnt sure if it posted or not yesterday,, did you read it,, or read and delete it becuase it is long??,, i thought youd have replied if you had read it,, but maybe you didnt like it??


looks like it already deleted the repost in seconds later,, hmmm,, this blog is wierd.


momjoijm, I definitely don't delete any comments from any readers -- except for spam from people trying to sell shoes or stuff like that. I'm not sure what happened with your previous post. Long comments, especially, are highly encouraged. I'm just one voice, so it's great to read as many other opinions as possible about this team.

So please keep reading, and definitely keep commenting.


hank,, give me an email please to send it to you,, becuase for reasons unbeknownst it has not satyed posted when i hit post,, i really do not understand why,, but maybe you can figure it out and post it for me,, i worote it sunday, so its getting old already,, as a continuation to the conversation in here and duckstopshere,, sorry you havent been able to read it yet,, rsvp

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