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Wobber Bawon

What I remember about Muster was how fast this BIG guy got up to speed. For some reason I don't remember him running much inside the tackles. What impressed was how FAST he got to the outside and up field. There was a disconnect between leg speed and ground speed. Leg speed told you "Muster for 2 yards". Ground speed told you-- after the play-- that he'd gone for 10 yards...often for more.

Wobber Bawon

Further thought on Muster
One add: the speed perception disconnect extended to defenders, too. You'd see Muster running and see the leg speed and relative speed of the closing defenders and think "Uh-oh." But Muster would make the corner or blow by the closing defender without any apparent change in his running gait.

The question I have is; How would Muster fit in to the current Stanford running game and the current RB rotation?


"Muster, the ball carrier," some games it was basically comical how repetitively that statement came over the pa system. I recall Chronicle sportswriters describing our offense for some games as muster left, right, and up the middle. But everyone knowing it was going to him didn't keep him fm ripping off 6,8, 10...

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