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von etc.

"There was something lingering over this victory, an understanding that an opportunity had been lost the week before and that this win had not only been unimpressive, it might've cemented the perception that this Cardinal team isn't ready to be grouped with the elite teams in the nation"

I felt that way, too.
But apparently the poll voters didn't, moving Stanford back to the top 5 while dropping the Ducks several spots behind them -- probably because none of them watched the game except Wilner.


I was intrigued by Cal going for two when nine points behind: anyone in that situation usually goes for one and saves the two for later. That made me tremendously concerned, when we were up by 7, that if they scored they would go for two and the "win."

mc '03

Great recap, and you totally captured the feeling of uneasiness at the end of the game. It's a sharp contrast to the feeling toward the end of last season, when we were ready to take on any other top team in the country, be it Auburn, Oregon, TCU or Wisconsin. And especially after watching the bowl games last season, I was confident we could beat any of those teams. Perhaps we've been too spoiled, or perhaps the collective toll of our injuries and national pressure is just too much. Still, when we get Ertz back, when Howell and Toilolo are at full strength, when we've rested up over winter break, I can't help but like our chances in any game.

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