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I know I'm not the only Alum/Fan who was proud of how we played last night. So many great efforts, so many big plays. And then there was Andrew. We'll be forever grateful that in his last Stanford game, he proved yet again why he's the best.

Wish the outcome had been different, but plenty to celebrate last night, this year, and last year.

These guys brought a fallen away NerdNation back together, and that's priceless.

Thanks guys. Love, A Grateful Stanford Alium


It's time for us to circle the wagons, around Jordan, around this team, around the program. Congratulations to coach Shaw, the players the coaches. Go Cardinal.. Never been prouder.


This was a great summary and I'm glad you highlighted all of the efforts by so many players. However, when you say: "Shaw did the right thing. A thirty-five-yard field goal, while certainly not a gimme, isn't exactly a Hail Mary" you're not hitting on the real issue. The question is whether or not Luck should have been trusted with a shot to get them a first down or a touchdown. I happen to think he should have been given such a chance. As a Patriot fan, I grew to dread seeing Peyton Manning with the ball in his hands and would have been overjoyed to have the Colts stop and just go for a field goal in a tight game. I imagine that OSU fans would have felt the same way if Luck had dropped back to throw. Also, Williamson hasn't been reliable since he got hurt.


It is not that we couldn't get that last TD, it is that Shaw chose not to try. He emphatically did not make the right call. Williamson not only missed the earlier kick, but his kickoffs were shaky all night. Most importantly, I am not sure how it played on TV, but from my vantage point behind the bench, Williamson was clearly nervous during that last drive -- he was alternatively slumped, fidgety, and with body language that suggested he did not want to be there. It does not matter if Williamson was 6/7 from that distance during the season; he was shaky tonight, and Shaw needed to take the measure of his kicker, and get him more help.

With the offense getting 8 yards a crack, there is no reason to settle for a non-gimme-for-college 35 yard attempt. The Cardinal let the play clock run down twice, and had three timeouts. They could have run not to go for it on 3rd and 2, and either push towards a TD or get it into extra-point chip shot territory. The only argument in favor of kicking on 3rd and 2 is to have a second try if their is a mistake on the 3rd down exchange -- but, if you have a 3rd down failure, then you are faced with a 45 yard kick on 4th down, clearly out of Williamson's range. Stanford was only getting one shot at a kick. Why settle for a non-gimme 35 yard attempt when you have an offense clearly in command? Why take your dominant offense off the field when the odds were overwhelmingly in favor of getting, if not a TD, into chip-shot range? It was a bad, bad call. Shaw unquestionably cost the Cardinal the game, and now that poor kid is going to have to live with it for the rest of his life.

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